If your small or medium sized business is looking for marketing ideas, it is important to go where the customers are. Your customers are looking on the internet for you. They are researching on their desktops, tablets or are in their cars on their phones. They are looking for businesses that are on the first page in Google. They are looking for businesses that are on their maps. They are looking for businesses that have been reviewed by real people.

Your future customers are looking to see if they can find your address so they can stop by to make a purchase. Your future customers want to see your phone number so they can click and call you to set up appointments. In order to make it easy for them to find your business, this information must be posted in as many maps, apps, search engines, directories, review and social media sites as possible. At Mansa Marketing, we will list your business information, name, address, phone, business hours, services, products, menu items and other facts your customers need to make purchasing decisions. We can get this information across the internet within 24 hours so that the impact is immediate.

Advertising across the internet provides small and medium sized businesses with the best return on investment. For the price of a small print ad in a local newspaper, listing with Mansa Marketing can drive customers to your business from their desktops, tablets and phones.

If your business services local customers within your zip code or town, or connecting towns, listing with Mansa Marketing is your best opportunity to have them find you as they search on Google. Call Joe at 410-236-9994 for a free competitive analysis and let us discuss how to best market your business to be found on the internet.