SEO Selfie

How does the customer see your business on the web?

You see it all the time in Social Media, the selfie. Usually the young, but now the old as well will hold their phone out with one hand and take a self portrait. They publish it, everyone laughs and likes it.

Businesses need to take a selfie in order to find out where they stand in the local business community. I’m not talking about Googling your business, or typing in the name of your business in the search box. Most customers not necessarily looking for you. They are looking for someone like you. Someone that can provide the goods or services they need. You need to perform an unbranded search.

All businesses should periodically go to a search engine, type in their business category and their zip code, hit search, and look at the results. Does your business show up in the top 7. Does your business show up on a map? Are your competitors ahead of you?

Now, try the same on a smartphone. How do the results look? Can your customers find you while going mobile?

If you are unhappy with the findings while taking a SEO Selfie, call or text us at 410-236-9994. We offer a free consultation to get the results you want.

Ska, the driving force remains to be the gypsy element: our anchor dropped somewhere.