The Franchise Tag

January 29, 2014

How do franchise owners increase web presence?

When many people think of the local, small business owner, they picture a person that owns a one of a kind store that serves a small geographic area. That is not always the case. Many small business owners opt to purchase a franchise. It is a very good business decision. Franchises have higher rates of success. Owners get support and guidance from the corporate office, and from other franchisees.

But, like non franchise businesses, they need to be found on the internet easily to keep up with the competition. Owning a franchise can be difficult with search engine optimization. Individual that have spend large amounts of money purchasing a franchise can find themselves poorly positioned on Google. They may not be listed on page one because some of the problems a franchise brings.

Three important factors in SEO is name, address and phone number. The problem is that there are hundreds or even thousands of businesses with the same name.  Many are close to each other. In my small town there are 3 Subway stores in my zip code. I don’t even want to guess the number of Starbucks in Manhattan.

Another problem that can come up with franchise is that many owners list or license there business under a holding company or an LLC. Also, many franchise owners own multiple locations.

Franchise owners need to make sure there business information is consistent across the web. The best way to do this is to be a Yext Powerseller. One service will allow you to monitor your business information across 58 websites that are seen by 220 million potential customers. Call us today at 410-236-9994 to take advantage of the benefits of being a Yext Powerseller.


Multiple Locations, Multiple Issues

January 23, 2014

How do your customers see your business with multiple locations?

I’d like to first congratulate business owners that have multiple locations for your business. But, I’d also like to warn you that opening a second or a third location can have a negative effect on your ability to be found using Google.

The internet, and Google in particular look for 3 basic pieces of information about your business; business name, address and phone number. 

Opening another location can make this information inconsistent across the web. Once your location’s business information hits the internet, search engines are now looking at two businesses with the same name but two different addresses. This can make it harder for you to be found. It can lower your ranking. Businesses with one location with a consistent address and phone number may rank higher than you because of the reliable information.

Another problem is that some businesses open a second location but a share a phone number with both locations. Some businesses may or use an 800 toll free number. The 800 number is not considered a local number. This also confuses the web with inconsistent information. Again, a business with consistent information may rank higher.

Businesses with multiple locations need consistent name address and phone number for each location. A Yext Certified Provider can provide a solution to this problem. We can scan they internet for inconsistencies in your business.  We can make sure your business information is correct at 58 different search engines, directories and review sites. This will increase your ranking at all of your locations.  

If you would like to check out your business information now, visit our business scan. Call us if you have any questions.